What is Locum Tenens ?

The Latin phrase "Locum Tenens"  means "placeholder" or "to take the place of."  A locum tenens physician is a physician who works on a temporary basis in place of a permanent physicians who is not able to work for any number of reasons.   A locum tenens physician may also works on a temporary basis for a period of time in which a hospital or group is "short-staffed" and needs additional support.

Statistics show we are currently seeing an increase in demand and usage of locum tenens physicians for Primary Care and Hospital Medicine, as well as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, within hospitals, medical groups and healthcare facilities nationwide.

Locum Tenens opportunities have many benefits and are used for many different reasons by physicians and healthcare providers across the country. 

Whether you are just out of residency or thinking about changing positions, Locum Tenens give you the ability to "try out" a new position and location before you make a final decision. 

Looking for supplemental income in addition to your full time position?  You can pick up additional shifts in your off time with temporary Locum Tenens opportunities.

Are you looking to travel to other areas of the country, or simply want a new challenge or rewarding experience?

Then consider Locum Tenens opportunities today.

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What are the benefits of Locum Tenens for Physicians and Advance Practitioners ?

There are many advantages to utilize Locum Tenens providers.  In today's Healthcare environment, continuity of care, patient satisfaction, and low readmission rates are more important than ever.  Being understaffed is simply not an option.  Locum Tenens providers will fill the staffing gap you have in your departments.

Do you have a provider on vacation, maternity or medical leave, or leaving for a fellowship ?

Have you recently lost a provider or two, due to unexpected resignation?

Are you recruiting for permanent providers with little success?

Is your practice growth outpacing your hiring?

Sudden spike in patient census?

Then consider a Locum Tenens staffing solution from Allegiance Medical Partners.

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What are the benefits of Locum Tenens Providers to Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities?

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